Author T.J. Jones

Who is Author T.J. Jones? Well, I’ve worn a lot of hats in life. The few that have meant the most to me have been being a Veteran, an Artist, and an Author. I’ve always had a creative mind, it essentially consumes most of my waking consciousness, so the need to outlet the energy is […]

Author Terri Peterson

Who is Author?Terri Peterson? Well, as my author page on Amazon says: I was born August 19th, 1969, and spent my adolescent years in a miserably failed experiment in tyranny at a typical secondary school, where I was bullied relentlessly and made fun of. I left with no regrets, a handful of qualifications for a […]

Author Takara James

Who is Author Takara James? Takara James (1990-) was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, to the late Mr. & Mrs. James, grew up in Memphis, Tennesse, where she was raised by her sister after the death of her mother in 1996. She received her education from HBCU Rust College from 2008-2012 but graduated from the […]

Author Tempie W. Wade

Who is Author Tempie W. Wade? I am a lifelong resident of Virginia and a long-term resident of Williams burg. My interests include travel and history, especially finding the interesting, little known facts that no one else knows about. You can often find me wandering around Colonial Williams burg, Jamestown, or some other historical place. […]

Author Tony Riches

Who is Author Tony Riches? Tony Riches is a full-time author based in Wales UK, best known for his Tudor Trilogy, based on the true stories of the lives of the founders of the Tudor dynasty. What’s your latest book all about? Brandon – Tudor Knight tells the amazing story of Charles Brandon, who became […]