Author R. N. Simpson

Who is Author?R. N. Simpson? I’m a dark fantasy writer, tarot reader and intuitive counselor in training. What’s your latest book all about? My latest book, “Shaken, Stirred and on the Rocks” is the first book in my Holy Water series. Its a Prohibition era novel about a woman named Ramona Bagwell whos trying to […]

Author Roy M. Griffis

Who is Author Roy M. Griffis? Decided to be a writer when I was ten, never looked back. I?ve written poetry, short stories, plays, and screen? I?ve worked a number of pay-check jobs (waiter, janitor, salesman) and some meaningful ones (I was the 62nd Aviation Rescue Swimmer in the Coast Guard).? Along the way, discovered […]

Author Rebecca Bogart & Jenny Peters

Who is Author Rebecca Bogart & Jenny Peters? I co-write with my sister Jenny Peters.? We’ve both been performing and teaching music our whole lives, and started writing ukulele books for complete beginners together in 2013. More about us here: What’s your latest book all about? 21 Easy Ukulele Folk Songs has 21 favorite […]