Author Darrell Gibbs

Who is Author Darrell Gibbs? Darrell Gibbs is the loving father of three children and five grandchildren. He has many hobbies such as genealogy, reading, writing, playing guitar, woodworking and collecting hockey memorabilia. Darrell retired as a Master Warrant Officer after a successful 29 year military career in the Canadian Armed Forces. He finally retired […]

Author D.S. Wrights

Who is Author D.S. Wrights? D.S. ?Dee? Wrights was born 1980 in Germany and is trilingual: speaking German, English, and Dutch. Her name, derivates from her online username, stating ?DarkSigyn writes.? Although she started writing at an early age and published two short stories during high school, Dee never dared of thinking to pursue a […]

Author Darryl Wimberley

Who is Author Darryl Wimberley? DARRYL WIMBERLEY has been recognized for both novels noir and literary work. A Tinker’s Damn won the ForeWord Award for “Best Literary Novel” in 2001. The King of Colored Town was the first novel to garner the Willie Morris Award for Fiction in 2007. Darryl writes, works, and lives with […]

Author David Field

Who is Author David Field? I spent my first 40 years in the UK, where I practised and taught criminal law.? Then I emigrated to Australia, following the same career and writing as a hobby.? When I retired, novel writing became fulltime, and I was picked up by my publishers, Sapere Books.? They asked for […]

Author Dan Callahan

Who is Author Dan Callahan? Dan Callahan is the author of Barbara Stanwyck: The Miracle Woman (2012), Vanessa: The Life of Vanessa Redgrave (2014), The Art of American Screen Acting, 1912-1960 (2018), The Art of American Screen Acting, 1960 to Today (2019), and the novel That Was Something (2018). He studied acting at the Stella […]