Author Barbara J Ali

Who is Author Barbara Ali? Barbara Ali spent most of her adult life traveling the world as she served a career with the U.S. Air Force. An avid photographer, world traveler, adventurer, and mom, she and her husband Abdulhamid live in Milwaukee, where they have a ?yours, mine, and ours? family of six children. The […]

Author Alex Avrio

Who is Author Alex Avrio? I’m a fantasy author, with three published fantasy adventure books. I currently live in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the north of England, just north of the wall! I’ve been living up here with my husband and two cats for the past seven or eight years, and we’ve just had a […]

Author Lilac Mills

Who is Author Lilac Mills? I’m a wife and a mum, and as well as writing I also work part-time in an office (a job which I love, but it does cut into the writing time!). I’ve lived in loads of places around the UK, but I call the pretty city of Worcester my home, […]

Author Alene Geed

Who is Author Alene Geed? Rustic Yet Refined Jewelry Design captures my aesthetic perfectly.? Working with copper, sterling silver and gemstones gets my creative juices flowing. Jewelry design meandered into my life gradually. My first designs used memory wire to create bracelets. The multiple coils were fun to experiment with? and I loved wearing the […]

Author Alex J. Cavanaugh

Who is Author Alex J. Cavanaugh? Alex J. Cavanaugh has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and works in web design, graphics, and technical editing. A fan of all things science fiction, his interests range from books and movies to music and games. Online he is the Ninja Captain and founder of the Insecure Writer?s […]

Author Alec Clayton

Who is Author Alec Clayton? Alec Clayton is an artist and writer in Olympia, Washington. Now retired as an artist, his paintings have been exhibited in major galleries throughout in U.S. He has published 10 novels and a book about art. He write art and theater reviews for publications in Tacoma and Olympia, Washington. What’s […]

Author Alex Apostol

Who is Author Alex Apostol? My full name is Alexandra Apostol, but I write under the name Alex Apostol. I live an hour outside of Chicago in Northwest Indiana with my four-year-old daughter, Charlotte. I’ve been an indie author for the past seven years and have nine fiction books published and five nonfiction journals. When […]

Author Alex Lukeman

Who is Author Alex Lukeman? Alex Lukeman writes action/adventure thrillers. He’s a former Marine and psychotherapist and is the author of the award-winning books The Tesla Secret and High Alert. He likes riding old, fast motorcycles and playing guitar, usually not at the same time. You can email him at He loves hearing from […]

Author Aiden L Bailey

Who is Author Aiden L Bailey? I?m an Australian espionage thriller author. I?ve traveled in six continents which has influenced the global settings of my novels. I?m a big fan of James Bond, the books and the films, and that comes through in my stories too. What’s your latest book all about? It?s a technothriller […]

Author Angela Molino

Who is Author Angela Molino? An Italian Yankee transplant from Pennsylvania? now residing in Nashville, Tn. is an authority on all things southern, spiritual, and paranormal. ? Angela comes from a large crazy Italian family and? has lived in Nashville since first grade. She has had several paranormal and spiritual experiences that have lead her […]