What She Deserved by A.L. Jambor

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When Marigold Burnside goes to Cape Alden, NJ to research a murder for a cable television show called ?Historical Homicides,? she doesn?t expect it to change her life, but when she attempts to visit the dilapidated cottage near the lighthouse where the murder took place, a specter in the road causes an accident that puts Mari in the hospital with a severe head injury. While she recuperates, Mari discovers that the blow to her head has awakened a sixth sense. She now sees the ghosts of former patients wandering around the hospital, and this revelation sets her on a course that will help her solve a seventy-year-old mystery.

In 1941, a young widow named Charlotte Johnson was brutally murdered. When her body is found, an innkeeper named Carl Morton persuades the local sheriff that his wife, Celia, who has suffered from depression for years and is a burden to her husband, is responsible for the crime, and they charge her with murder. She is tried at a hearing, sentenced, and convicted within hours and placed in a mental hospital where she hangs herself two years later.

Five months after her accident, Mari has lost her job and is living in Cape Alden. She is depressed and lethargic, and she?s still seeing ghosts all over town. She names them as they grow less threatening, but one of them is about to shake up Mari?s world. This ghost has an agenda, and Mari isn?t the only one the ghost is after. The man who hit Mari?s car, Phil Curry, is also seeing the persistent specter, an apparition that won?t stop pursuing them until the truth is revealed.

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