What If by Arthur Richter

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  • Publication Date 😕September 2, 2015
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What If is an fictionalized drama that depicts the life of a woman that grow up facing a great many crisiss in her life. The first being having to over come her drug addiction from the age of 10, due to becoming addicted by her two, older brothers being involved with drug.
Then having to deal with her mother up and leaving for another man.
Until she finally graduated from high School where she studied to become an nurse. After which she went to work as a private taking care of a rich crippled young man.
While working for him she was abducted and found herself in a Mexican jail cell being sexually abused only to be sold to a drug syndicate being used as a prostitute. Where upon she escaped and returned back home.
Once back home she became an nurse again. where met and fall in love with a young doctor. during which she discovered he was using drugs to keep himself going because he was running a private clinic for kids who were addicted to drugs.
While joining him with the clinic she married him and had two children by him. after which he died and she carried on the clinic and the words What If were established.