We are Voulhire by Matthew Tysz

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A humble immigrant, a refugee from a war-torn land, has inherited a property in the rich and powerful land of Voulhire. He is anxious to begin his life and show his gratitude to his new land, but the kingdom of Voulhire is busy with problems that lay deep beneath its perfect surface.

In the far reaches of uninhabitable realms lies the Riva Rohavi, a host of rebels who dance in wild step as they slaughter all who contribute to the prosperity of the land they so despise.

And a few short miles south of Voulhire?s shores is an island guarded by an armada of ships. They are guarding a prisoner, who is perhaps the most powerful wizard in human history. There he waits, waiting for his perfect moment.

The king wants to safeguard his nation, but he requires the help of the Mianoran knights. But the first knight is a corrupt and pedantic philanderer who sees both the kingdom and life itself as nothing more than a game.

These are the times in which the wide-eyed and grateful refugee Galen Bray arrives by boat to Voulhire, vowing to do right by his new people, no matter what it takes.


Many novels in a fantasy series are written with the structure of a motion picture, or that of a full season of a show. This opening novel is introductory, written more akin to the structure of an episode. This by design, as the story to come is set to be vast, and the plot is difficult to classify in terms of mainstream packaging.

Do not be troubled by this; I assure you that this opening volume was written and revised with effort, with painstaking care, but most importantly with enthusiasm and love. Voulhire is a world that has been rocking the walls of my mind for well over a decade before I decided I had the experience to raise the scaffolds.