War of the Staffs by Steve Stephenson, K.M. Tedrick

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  • Print Length:?367 pages
  • Publisher:?Black Rose Writing; 1 edition (July 6, 2016)
  • Publication Date:?July 6, 2016
  • Sold by:?Amazon.com Services LLC
  • Language:?English

War of the Staffs by Steve Stephenson, K.M. Tedrick

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“A human prince must defeat a powerful vampire warlock in this epic debut fantasy novel with an exciting blend of sci-fi and horror elements.” ?Kirkus Reviews

The goddess Adois brings a powerful vampire warlock named Taza through the void to turn Muiria into a planet of evil using her powerful staff. Needing an army, he turns a race of dark elves into vampires, but Prince Tarquin is born to fulfill a prophecy to stop Taza.

The prince cannot do it alone. The Wizard Celedant sends him to the Borderers, an elite group of dwarves to learn how to fight, while the wizard begins his search for the Staff of Adaman, the only thing capable of thwarting Taza and Adois’ Staff.

War of the Staffs?is the search for two pieces of the ancient Staff of Adaman to counter Adois’ plans. The darkness is rising and using the black power of the Staff of Adois and his army of dark elves, giants, and orcs, Taza will begin a reign of terror the planet will not soon forget.