Urban Pulp Fiction: The Queen Has Landed by Phoenix James

  • Series:?Urban Pulp Fiction (Book 1)
  • Paperback:?152 pages
  • Publisher:?Urban Pulp Fiction (February 12, 2018)
  • Language:?English


Urban Pulp Fiction delivers an unforgettable ensemble of characters. Kingpins, pimps, dope boys, and thot’s. This story takes you on a wild journey of corruption, family secrets, jealousy, and murder. What’s the value of your soul with nothing to show for it? Find out between the pages of this urban thriller.Urban Pulp Fiction asks the question, “If you saw Greed, Lust, and Jealousy in human form, would you know them? Would you fall in their trap and play their endless games where no one wins?” Due to her grandfather’s death and her mother?s incarceration, Phoenix had to grow up by the cold hand of her grandmother and two twisted petty cousins. Phoenix was the cook, maid, and household personal punching bag. A visit from an unlikely stranger with a special gift changes her life. She goes from ashy to classy in a snap… with the click of her red bottoms. Now Phoenix is calling the shot! Legacy gets out of prison after almost a decade, and she’s ready for war. She starts by finding her daughter, building a team to conquer those that betrayed her and take back what is rightfully her family?s. First on her list is her mother than the one that set her up to take the fall for his dope game. The wounds of her mother?s death still run deep in Diamond heart, as she looks into the eyes of the killer on the daily. Her father gives her the job of trying to tap an up and coming dope boy. Diamond defies her father and falls in love with the dope boy and the plug is pissed. Margret has to move fast. The world she built on lies and deceit is crumbling down around her. Her past has come knocking at her door. Karma looking for payment and Margret does not have the payment.