Unexpected Enemy by Tim Cagle

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  • Print Length 😕298 pages
  • Publisher 😕Brighton Publishing LLC; 1st Edition (September 20, 2017)
  • Language: 😕English
  • Publication Date 😕September 20, 2017
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After years of heartbreaking infertility, Ann Sorenson finally conceives through in-vitro fertilization. The joy of conception is overwhelming. Then, nature intervenes when she delivers a baby several weeks premature. Joy turns to confrontation as everyone knows this child can NOT be hers. She and her husband are both Caucasian, and the infant is African-American.

How could this happen unless she got the wrong sperm? The situation intensifies when Ann learns that both she and her baby are infected with the AIDS virus?a death sentence, especially for a preemie in ICU. All she wanted was a child; instead, her whole life became imperiled by a mysterious stranger.

Was this human error or a deliberate attempt at sabotage? A genetic phenomenon? Or, most likely, an illicit love affair?

This story showcases betrayal, retribution and character. Destiny triumphs with inevitable results. Revenge for the wicked. Peace for the betrayed. Forgiveness for those who deserve it.

Justice for all.