Tunnel Vision: A Focused Life by Jan Attard

  • Paperback:?188 pages
  • Publisher:?Beauregard Books (January 20, 2015)
  • Language:?English


Tunnel Vision: A Focused Life by Jan Attard

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This book is about what happened to me in the process of losing physical custody of my children. And then, how I empowered myself to create substantial change in circumstance, to believe in myself, follow a focused path and allow miracles in. ?A transformative “how to ” book, in poetic tone, to empower oneself gently and gradually one baby step at a time, a seemingly simple thought process I refer to as, “Tunnel Vision Approach”. ?A small town girl from Greenwich, Connecticut fell madly in love with a charismatic dark handsome gentleman from Portofino dancing under a starlit sky on a hillside in Hillsborough, California. Imagine our angelic golden-haired children in our sun-drenched solarium drawing pictures choosing crayons in their boxes carefully and deliberately to capture the colors outside. Our Swedish au pair, orderly and attentive, ?in her crisp, gray dress, smiling. ?All details picture perfect, they had to be…..or so it seemed!