Trumpery Resistance by J. Steven Young

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  • Publisher:?Tasicas-Young Press (February 15, 2019)
  • Publication Date:?February 15, 2019
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Trumpery Resistance by J. Steven Young

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Where walls stand high, deceit runs deep…?

The future is in the hands of rich racist white men who hold the secret to near immortality. They pull the strings of the one-time President of the United States, now Lord Chancellor of the New Republic. Citizens are either wealthy aristocrats or servants to the Republic. The nation was long ago emptied of immigrants and undesirables deemed unsuitable or unnatural to the New Republic?s Protectorate of religious laws. If you are found out, even your lowly neighbor would turn you in for the smallest of violations. So how does one man, secretly gay and breaking free of mental conditioning, change the nation?

Handled since childhood, repressed and embittered, MacKenzie Dillon is the posterchild for America’s New Republic. As a Protectorate soldier, critical thought is neither required nor advisable, and for over a century he’s served the state, helping to silence dissent. Performing his duties without question or concern, he’s been the perfect pawn in every way…until now.

MacKenzie’s earliest memories have begun to surface, and it’s grown exceedingly difficult to deny the truth about his masters. Do the walls that surround him represent security or enslavement? Is it possible that he’s been supporting a malevolent force all along? With secret ties to The Resistance, Commander McCord has answers, but they’re sure to come at a cost. It’s a regime that takes no prisoners, and nothing could be more dangerous than exposing its ultimate motives. Vice-Chancellor Pincer has eyes everywhere.

Should he accept the risk that a secret promotion involves, MacKenzie will be positioned to ascertain his true identity while aiding those that still dream of peace in a landscape of hatred. Does he have what it takes to represent humanity’s final defense?