Timeless: A Novel ? Autographed


A novel of spirituality and suspense,?Timeless?portrays the innate human struggle to come to terms with one?s own deep, personal questions of Life. Philosophers, religious leaders, poets, writers of fiction and non-fiction have attempted to answer these questions. Yet, still when we look at the universe on a starry night, we wonder, ?Who am I? How are we a part of this great universal structure??

Albert Einstein said, ?We live in a universe that has no beginning in time that has no ending in time that has no outer edges in space.? Deepack Chopra said, ?Timeless is the experience of unity, consciousness, in which we have the knowledge somewhere deep inside us that you and I are not only made up of the same stuff, but that we may be the same being in different disguises.?

This is what Dr. Laura Atwell Cauldwell, Dean of Social Sciences, experiences when one moment she is sitting in her office in Chicago and the next she is a young child gazing out at the patchwork of trees in the grassy meadow of the Nashoba Valley farm in Harvard, M.A.

Laura discovers this lapse in time being an affect of her natural ability to drift, or as her grandmother called it, drift?n, which begins to occur with greater frequency. Laura?s husband, Arthur, a prominent Chicago neurosurgeon, concerned with the frequency of Laura?s apparent memory loss, encourages a neurological diagnosis. Her return to Boston triggers a bizarre series of suspenseful events never knowing who is alive or dead in her life.

As each suspenseful, mysterious event unfolds, Laura discovers her true spiritual identity, which opens up to a renewal of sexual passion for Arthur and affects her realization of a benevolent universe and how we are all one, propelling Laura into a timeless dimension of life.