Things That Make You Go Vroom by James Hewitt

  • Hardcover
  • Publisher:?James Hewitt; 2nd edition (2017)


Things That Make You Go Vroom is a fun picture book that shows kids how the things that make a car go vroom are just like the things that make them go vroom. The book makes whimsical comparisons between a skeleton and a car frame, a heart and a car?s engine, a tummy and a car?s fuel tank and several other fun vroom things. For ages 3 to 6. Editorial Review – RED HEADED BOOK LOVER BLOG ?Things That Make You Go Vroom is one of the best children educational books I have ever read. I read a lot of children books as a mother and this one stands out for me for many reasons which I will discuss in my review. The main reason why this book is so incredible for children is that its education is explained in fun and humorous ways with information your children will quickly absorb which is very important for growing minds. Things That Make You Go Vroom is an adorable book with a story that makes comparisons between cars and humans ? let me explain. The story follows a young boy who is speaking to a mechanic and the mechanic has some useful knowledge to share which is actually very true. At one point he explains to the boy that like cars, our bodies are ?high-performance machines? and that to have high performance, humans need to be nourished with vegetables, fruits, and water, etc. The same goes for cars, only they need fuel and maintenance and so on. I adore this comparison because it reinforces to children that vegetables are essential, they may not taste nice at a young age but they are nourishment and I love how this book explains this. The illustrations in this book are phenomenal and got my children very excited! My boys, in particular, adored the illustrations which featured the cars! I personally believe that all children will love this book, but children that have a love for cars will adore it as the illustrations are vibrant and will send a readers mind into overdrive.”