The Weavers by Robert Gage

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  • Publication Date:?May 22, 2019
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Cyrus Farrier is lucky: not only can he see the elusive Threads that form the fabric of reality, but he?s learned to manipulate them, twisting and turning them, creating and destroying. He was taught by the best Weavers around. Sadly for him, he?s got bigger fish to fry ? a country to run.
Not to mention the fact that he?s stuck, trapped, over the border and alone?or not.
Rika Weaver is the best there is: the most powerful Weaver in a generation. Together with her partner, Marks, she?s sent over to rescue him. A simple job.
Rudy Thomas sells phones and drinks tea.
Thrown together, they must harness the power of the threads to work out the truth, get home and help stop a threat that wasn?t supposed to exist.
The threads are everywhere, weaving the web of history, binding everyone, and everything together. Control of the threads is power, and Cyrus? family learned a long time ago how dangerous it is. The Weavers are careful, but there are always those who push the limits.
A story of power, politics, history, and secrets unfolds on both sides of the border, across centuries and generations.