The Water Princess Claiming of Earth by Gina Manis

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The Water Princess Claiming of Earth by Gina Manis

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Celine is the forgotten princess of Clearwater Kingdom. Cursed by her sister, her powers are locked inside her, and she is hidden far away on the edges of the Earth Realm. The holy lands and nuns with whom she takes refuge, ensure her safety from those who would see her cursed form, including ogres who want her blood.

In a world where there are two kingdoms, Fire and Water, a battle rages, and Fire is winning. The realms are suffering because of the imbalance of power, and it doesn?t help that a Fire Queen sits on the throne in the Water Realm.

All Celine wants is to find her freedom and a way to help her people. She has been a prisoner until one day, she finds her answer. She offers herself up to the Elementals Gods, to help Earth, Wind, and Water defeat Fire. She will unite the three elements and help make them stronger with each a child she bears. In return, they grant her freedom from the curse. She will unite with the three strong, determined elements who come to see her seated on her rightful throne and help make them stronger with a child she bears for each.

The journey begins as soon as she steps foot outside the convent gates. A roar goes off, and every ogre knows she is for the taking. The one she fears the most is Brown, the largest, most persistent, and smartest of them all. He has always been there close by. Watching and waiting.

The danger is all around, and the beasts are coming for her. On the run, she finds herself connecting and drawing closer with her men. It?s not just the ogres that become the threat. Fire Elements are on the rise, and other dangers are lurking in the forest.

Will the Elements get Celine across the Earth Realm alive? And if so, will they all be together when they do?

Get ready for a daring adventure romance with paranormal magic and creatures based on the mythology of the four elements, earth, wind, fire, and water.
Packed fight scenes are full of suspense that will have you captivated with their elemental powers and magic. It is a cliffhanger but well worth it in the end.
Heart-felt characters who all have challenges to face and to overcome. It helps keep a contemporary feel to this reverse harem romance that is built around a fantasy world.
This paranormal romance is a slow burn but has a very erotic scene. The mythology of the elements and their powers will contribute to the sexual content as bonds are formed among the characters.
This ebook is a Reverse Harem Romance and has a total of four books to the series. One standalone Romance will come as a fifth book but does not have to be included with this series.
Book One: The Water Princess
Book Two: The Stolen Princess
Book Three: The Rising Queen
Book Four: The Elemental Queen
Standalone Five: The Fifth Element