The Vase with the Many Coloured Marbles by Jacob Singer

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The Vase with the Many Coloured Marbles by Jacob Singer

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A South African Cinderella Story.

Emily Kleintjies was born into the Coloured Community of District Six in apartheid South Africa. She found that being classified a Coloured with second class citizenship in a country she loved, too much to bear. She decided to jump the racial barrier and become a ‘WHITE’. Changing her name to Emma Kline, she moved to Johannesburg and succeeded with the help of friends she made.

The book is a story of how she made the successful conversion, and about those friends she made, that helped her. The story is also about the daughter she gave birth to, Marla. How Marla grew up as a WHITE, not knowing her mother’s history and her Coloured family in Cape Town. How Marla succeeds in life, today living in London, England, happily married with three children.

The story highlights the horror of the South African apartheid system under the Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd, and how many WHITE South Africans assisted the African National Congress-led by Nelson Mandela, in their fight against the system.