The Triumph of Diversity by Arthur P. Ciaramicoli

  • Paperback:?168 pages
  • Publisher:?Open Books (February 15, 2020)
  • Language:?English

The Triumph of Diversity by Arthur P. Ciaramicoli

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?Dr. Ciaramicoli takes diversity down a new path by focusing on its relationship with empathy and its ability to transform communities.??Abbie Rosenberg, RN, NP Psychotherapist and Founder/Executive Director Mental Health Collaborative, Hopkinton, MA

Have we come to a time where differences in color, religion, sexuality, or nationality are seen as threats to our way of life? Has exclusion and lack of interest in those suffering in other parts of the world become a way to protect us from our fears? When we close the door to those who seem dissimilar, we limit our potential for growth. Diversity expands the mind and enriches the soul; it is the antidote to groupthink.

In?The Triumph of Diversity, Dr. Ciaramicoli analyzes prejudice by tracing it to personal origins and relates true stories of courageous individuals who have overcome hatred, cruelty and sadism to become open-minded, loving resilient people. He re-emphasizes that we are in desperate need of those who unite rather than those who ostracize.

Dr. Ciaramicoli shares his observations as a psychologist in clinical practice, his interviews with laymen, clinicians and clergy, and data from current research to conclude, as Thomas Paine said, ?My Country is the World; my Religion is to do Good,? and that learned prejudices can be laid bare and redirected to give way to genuine empathy and inclusion over exclusion.