The Slay of the Santas by Kacey Gene

  • Print Length 😕350 pages
  • Publication Date 😕November 24, 2019
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  • Language: 😕English


You better watch out…you better not cry…or you might be the next to die.

It?s Christmas time in the snowy, quaint town of Middlebridge, Wisconsin, and Jennifer Hunter — a sweet, organized second-grade teacher who has a mind for sleuthing — is ready to spend her Christmas break crocheting, baking, and relaxing. But before the school bell can ring for Christmas break, her best friend and Middlebridge?s Lieutenant, Jake Hollow, shows up in her classroom, but he?s not there to bring a cup of Christmas cheer. There?s a murder in town, and he needs Jennifer?s help solving the crime.

Jennifer soon discovers that not only is the killer targeting retired Santa Clauses, but he?s also staging his victims like scenes from the Charles Dickens novel A CHRISTMAS CAROL. As Jake and Jennifer follow the clues, more questions than answers start to arise: What is this Society of Santas they keep hearing about? Why is the killer leaving behind empty pudding packages at each crime scene? And what in the world does the book A CHRISTMAS CAROL have to do with the victims?

Add to that a tight-lipped orphan boy who?s housing a pack of puppies in one of the victim?s buildings, a quirky book store owner who lies about ever having sold a copy of A CHRISTMAS CAROL and Jennifer?s date with a fellow school teacher that ends in total disaster. In between holiday parties, family obligations, baking, and creating handmade Christmas presents, Jennifer must craft together an investigation that catches the killer and saves the Santa Clauses in town. Otherwise, the night before Christmas might be their last.

This clean, cozy mystery will captivate readers with Jennifer?s amateur sleuthing that entangles her in snow-deep shenanigans, cryptic car chases, and more chocolate pudding than she ever imagined. Readers will fall in love with the quick-witted and craft-loving Jennifer Hunter, who is down-to-earth and has a heart as warm as a crackling fire on a cold winter?s night. The charming friendship between Jennifer and Lieutenant Jake Hollow epitomizes the quaint, familial feel that lives in small towns, especially those sleepy hamlets with snow-capped houses and a love for Christmas. THE SLAY OF THE SANTAS is an exhilarating page-turner with cliffhangers around every corner, and it will bring the joy of the holiday season all year round.

Readers who love cozy mysteries like Jessica Beck?s PUMPKIN PLEAS, Betty Hechtman?s BY HOOK OR BY CROOK, and Joanna Campbell Slan?s KIKI LOWENSTEIN SERIES and readers who have holiday favorites like Charles Dickens?s A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Louisa May Alcott?s LITTLE WOMEN, and O?Henry?s ?THE GIFT OF THE MAGI,? will be enchanted by Kacey Gene?s THE SLAY OF THE SANTAS.