The Singularity is Coming By Tony Thorne MBE

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  • Published: Sep. 17, 2014
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Tony Thorne MBE?s new ?fact against fiction? book is probably his most important ever. It?s about THE SINGULARITY and the resulting Artificial Intelligence Explosion. So what is a singularity? It?s easiest described as a one-way event, something which once it occurs cannot be reversed. We might say that a commercial plane crash is a singularity. Being born seems to fit the definition too, initially. So what kind of singularity phenomenon is explored in this book?
Many scientists claim it poses a far greater threat to humanity than global warming, and it may only be less than ten years away..!
This singular event will follow on from the Artificial Intelligence devices we already have today. More incredible developments will emerge after them, and then after that, and so on. The eventual Singularity and its runaway consequences that follow will change our way of life? completely. Will you be ready for it?