The Seven Fates of Kathmandu by James P. Alsphert

Listening Length 14 hours and 28 minutes
Author James P. Alsphert
Narrator Dario Vanni Release Date November 19, 2018
Publisher Neoteric Publishing
Program Type Audiobook
Version Unabridged
Language English

The Seven Fates of Kathmandu by James P. Alsphert

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Cursed by the Fates to be dead by December 31, 1932, Cable journeys to find the Lama Daishi in Himalayan Mountains to be cured of the curse. Betrayed and tossed out of an airplane with a questionable parachute, he begins a heart-pounding adventure into the secretive and mysterious world of early 1930s Kathmandu, Nepal.

Along the way, he meets the delightfully simple and charming Devi, runs into his real father and learns the truth of his parentage, encounters the not-so-pleasant Seven Fates, and survives to make it back to the US only to find he must deal with falling into sexual addiction with the very sensual June Maye, a local nightclub singer…while trying to prevent a bizarre murder at the ballet!

A perpetually hair-raising adventure!