The Sermon at the Coliseum by John Hill

  • Paperback:?122 pages
  • Publisher:?XLIBRIS (December 9, 2013)
  • Language:?English



The day started for Peter Grey like any other day he got up early, made his coffee, and waited for his family to get up. Peter works as a stockbroker in Los Angeles, and his wife Sarah Grey is an attorney for a large firm. They lived the quiet suburban life in the upper-middle-class community of Brentwood, California, with their two children, Kelly and Tim. Today, Peter and his family will have a visitor that will change their lives immediately, but will it be for the better or worse? The visitor says his name is Emmanuel, and he is on a fact-finding mission to the United States and needed to stay at their home with them for five days to complete his mission . . . Who is he and where did he really come from? These questions will keep you reading until the very surprising end . . .