The Love We Almost Lost by Russell Moran

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The Love We Almost Lost
Regulations frown upon a military doctor being romantically involved with a patient.
But Lieutenant Rebecca Lang, a Navy physician, frowned upon the regulations. She fell madly in love with Captain Jack Parker, a wounded Marine officer under her care at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan.
Doctor Rebecca, or Becca as she prefers to be called, felt that she had a rare bond with Captain Jack. It began as a simple doctor-patient relationship, then developed into a friendship, then, after constant flirting, it became a serious love affair. Captain Jack was happy that Becca ignored the regulations, and so was she.
When they were discharged from the military within two weeks of each other, they looked forward to making their relationship permanent, and planned to marry. But, on the day Jack returned to the States, he was mugged, and suffered a multi-year mental blackout from amnesia. Becca didn?t know where he was, and she assumed he was dead after such a long absence.
Becca sees Jack interviewed on TV, although the man doesn?t think he?s Jack because he suffers from severe amnesia. When they meet, Jack comes out of his amnesia and his mind remembers the woman his heart had never forgotten. They resume their love and their lives together.
Becca, widely recognized as the nation?s expert on infectious diseases, is tapped by the White House to combat a deadly virus that has been set loose on the world.
Jack, who by now has become an FBI Agent, joins his wife Becca in the most terrifying struggle they ever experienced?the fight to save humanity.