The Long Island Project by Russell Moran

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The Long Island Project by Russell Moran

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You?re the famous NYPD detective Bobbie Nelson, enjoying a weekend with your husband and detective partner Bob Lawton at your vacation house in East Hampton, Long Island.

Your relaxation is suddenly shattered when you hear that Long Island is under an armed quarantine. There is no way on or off the island, but worse than that, there is no explanation for why it has occurred.

As two skilled detectives, you and Bob instantly dive into the problem and resolve to find out what is going on, and who is causing it. TV News programs ignore the seriousness of the issue and report the quarantine as if it?s a question of a change in weather. You don?t recognize any of the TV reporters.

To your horror, you soon discover that the quarantine is only part of the problem. It?s part of a vast conspiracy, a conspiracy that involves a secretive organization from Utah, inappropriately named The Committee of Freedom.

Turning upside down everything you know about law enforcement and investigation, you and Bob find out that the conspiracy is known as The Long Island Project, a sinister program that includes not only the quarantine of Long Island but mind control and time travel.

You discover that the sinister program is conducted at a secretive location in Montauk Point, an auditorium that bears the name the Re-Education Program, a series of forced hypnotic lectures that brainwashes the participants.

You call all of your vast number of government contacts, but the phones are all answered by people you?ve never heard of. Someone has taken over the minds of government.

The Long Island Project is the most frightening case you?ve ever worked on.