The Life of A Damaged Person by Carol D. Harper

  • Paperback:?152 pages
  • Publisher:?iUniverse (July 18, 2016)
  • Language:?English

The Life of A Damaged Person by Carol D. Harper

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I hope “the life of a damaged person,” helps whoever reads it. No matter what race, religion or creed, male or female, young adults, middle-aged’adults. I hope within the covers of this book, it was something said to help each and every one of you get through your problems, heartaches, relationships problems, trials, tribulations or even struggling from a divorce.

The life of a damaged person was written to and be an example for others who start out in the way of a cocoon and develops into a mature beautiful butterfly. The process was such a challenging life experience.

I thank Jesus Christ who pushed and encouraged me and coached me in my alone times/lonely, hurtful times. He encouraged me that I can make it through.

I want to give my photographer John Glasco from Dallas Texas; he did a dynamite job on my photo. Thanks a lot, John.