The Liberation of Paul by Jim Donahue

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When Paul Sarin befriends Riley Bennett one night at a bar, he couldn?t have imagined where this friendship would take him. Riley introduces Paul to a world of extreme retribution and revenge by taking him into the inner circle of the Elites. The Elites assist victims struggling with past abuse?and more often than not, their abusers. Riley and the Elites support victims in destroying their demons, in turn setting those victims free of the memories that have weighed them down. All victims confront their demons and handle them as they see fit. Riley eventually grows to almost messiah status with followers in the thousands.


A compelling psychological thriller,?The Liberation of Paul?explores the darkest and most twisted aspects of humankind and sheds a healthy beam of light on them in more ways than one. While the Elites are executing their orders, we peer into the mind of Paul, exploring his own pain, trauma, and hope. Good and evil exist in everyone, and the sheer effort to balance these attributes proves a fight in and of itself.