The Legend of Colgan Toomey by Dargan Ware

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The Legend of Colgan Toomey by Dargan Ware

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A hometown legend cut down in his prime.

Colgan Toomey was a hometown legend in Kellyville, Alabama. He had been a precocious child who?d delighted, amazed, and often bewildered everyone he met. He grew into the town?s biggest, and perhaps only, star: a football recruit that attracted every coach from there to Canada, an Eagle Scout, and eventually a medical student at the University of Texas. When the town heard that he?d been killed by Salvadoran rebels while volunteering on a Doctors Without Borders mission in Central America, everyone for miles around stopped to mourn.

What exactly happened to Colgan Toomey?

Colgan?s death was impossible to understand ? tragic, mysterious, and slightly exotic. He died a hero, though, with a massive funeral in the town?s football stadium, and a monument in Kellyville?s only graveyard even though his body was never found. No one, least of all his best friend P.J. Campbell, had any clue of the?truth?behind the Legend of Colgan Toomey. It is a legend of many facets, all of which look different from every angle. Look inside to see it for yourself.