The Healing Touch by Analiesa Adams



Things always happen for a reason. That?s what SUZANNA HAWTHORNE had heard all of her life. But, she couldn?t understand why her life was turning out this way. She didn?t know which was worse, being labeled sexually dysfunctional, or having this ever troublesome empathic ability.? She?d resolved to live a life without someone special to love, which didn?t settle very well. Especially when her youth filled night terrors return. The relation between the nightmares to her physical condition had never come up before. That is, until now.

Public misconception and emotional conflict, endured by the virile and handsome NICHOLAUS BRACH, DVM, causes him to hide his supernatural ability to heal others for years. Yet, he can?t seem to hide anything from his new assistant, Suzanna. He finds her intuitive perception a priceless quality for his professional practice and is drawn quickly into wanting to share more than just his love for animals. Confused by her objections to acknowledge their intensely physical and spiritual connection, he finds himself intrigued by what she is trying to hide.

When a long time friend suggests they find out how the G.L.O.V.E.S. organization could help, they embark on a pursuit to learn more about the paranormal gifts they?ve been given. What begins as a journey into self-discovery for Suzanna turns out to be a real-life nightmare, when her dreams become reality.