The End from the Beginning by Clayton Willis

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The End from the Beginning by Clayton Willis

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What can you learn from reading this book that you won?t find anywhere else?
How God reconciled the ?10 lost tribes of Israel? who disappear from the Bible and from secular history in 721 BC. Hint ? Jesus sent His apostles to those ?lost sheep?
Where were those Israelites in the 1st Century AD? Hint ? the Parthian Empire
Why you don?t read about the apostles other than Peter, James, and John after the book of Acts. Hint ? they were in the Parthian Empire converting the rest of God?s chosen people
Everyone agrees that the Jews rejected Jesus: you?ll learn that there were hundreds of thousands of Israelites who did not reject Jesus but helped spread His church.
What happened to Thomas, Thaddeus, Bartholomew, Simon Zelotes and Simon Peter and where they were in the 1st Century AD. Hint ? they were in the Parthian Empire for decades.
How those ?lost tribes? were responsible for the exponential growth of the early church and how they formed Western Civilization.
How those Israelites and their Christian Gentile neighbors migrated to Western Europe and the ?new world? from the Parthian Empire (think, Iran, Iraq and the countries of Mesopotamia)
Why Biblical and secular historians have a ?blind spot? that prevents understanding secular history as well as the history of the church.
It is a beautiful story and demonstrates God?s will for His people. If you read carefully and do your own research, you?ll see the ties between Bible times and our times and the meaning of those ties.
Thirty-five years of research has produced a different concept of the origin of Western Civilization, tracing its origin through nations and people many of whom you’ve likely never heard. For the first time, the exponential growth in the first 3 Centuries A. D. of the church that Jesus established is linked to the Hand of God sequestering a large portion of His ?chosen people? ? the ?lost sheep of the House of Israel ? ? in the Parthian Empire where Jesus? apostles could teach them about our Savior and His New Covenant with mankind without the oppression of the Roman Empire Later, the descendants of those Christianized Israelites migrated to Europe and took part in the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the scientific and industrial revolutions and the Christian Reformation. Afterward, they helped form Western Civilization to complete the process of spreading the Gospel of Jesus and the physical blessings God promised Abraham. The origin of Western Civilization is traced to its beginning 4,000 years ago. The culture and economic and political hegemony of Western Civilization today was planned by a mind that resides outside of time. In the process of that story, you will find answers to some interesting questions; you may also find your Christian faith strengthened or ? if you’re a non-believer ? you may have new reasons for taking another look at that way of life.