The Elevator by Kenneth Passan

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In the outskirts of New York City stands alone an innocuous looking apartment building which is not supposed to exist. There is evil there beyond the human imagination. Something far worse than mere human evil. But it’s going to take several deaths before and during the police and paranormal investigations which later occur before anyone realizes just how serious the situation is. In fact, it is not only human lives and souls that are at stake but in fact that of the entire world that’s in peril.
In the basement of the building, the first person to discover that the gates of hell had risen to the surface of the earth didn’t survive the return trip back to the outside. His death was an illustration of unholy butchery.

Detective Lt. Pete Merrick and Detective Tommy Johnston find themselves in the most unique and most dangerous mission they had ever faced in their careers. They didn’t fully realize that their presence in the building during their investigation put their lives and souls at extreme peril. The fate of one of them would be sealed when one of them took a trip on the elevator; he was never seen alive again.

This paranormal horror pits the satanic evil of the hell gate’s guardian against the blessed forces of God in the form of two exorcist priests. The fate and survival of the world and all of humankind as we know it is in the hands of these men. They realize that for them it’s a one way trip because there is no other option to defeat Satan’s chief minion. For humanity itself, this is the ultimate battle between good and evil. There could be only one winner in this war of the holy versus the unholy.