The Docent by Tom Kenny

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Did a casual comment from a B-girl working at a seedy bar in Boston?s ?Combat Zone? inspire the most notorious art theft in the country?s history? A decade after the looting, the penchant of a superior court judge for old masterpieces brings the infamous Gardner Museum heist and a billion dollar family court brawl onto the same page.
A pair of the city?s most prominent lawyers takes on the task of defending an acerbic tycoon accused of fleecing his niece and nephew of their interest in the family business empire. As the court proceedings take a decided turn against their unforgiving client, defense counsel turn to insidious means in a desperate attempt to avoid a catastrophic judgment. They scheme to besmirch and derail the trial judge through the manipulation of her law clerk. Unknowingly, the clerk provides information that could involve Her Honor in the disappearance of the priceless museum paintings.
The story unfolds in both posh and hardscrabble neighborhoods of Boston and its suburbs as its players succumb to greed, power and love, without concern for those left in their backwash.