The Daily Playbook by Kaden James

  • Item Weight 😕2.16 pounds
  • Paperback 😕342 pages
  • ISBN-10 😕1093658428
  • ISBN-13 😕978-1093658422
  • Product Dimensions 😕8.5 x 0.78 x 11 inches
  • Publisher 😕Independently published (April 11, 2019)
  • Language: 😕English


The Daily Playbook was developed by Kaden James (celebrity and life coach to CEO’s and average Joe’s) to share methods and daily goal setting strategies that business leaders, top earners, celebrities, spiritual leaders and many of the greatest minds use to aid them in creating happy and meaningful lives. Much like coaches have playbooks for plays they will use with their teams, this is YOUR playbook where you can plan, strategize and organize your days to WIN at life. Within this specialized ninety day planner you will learn to set attainable goals for yourself, be encouraged to try new things to increase your happiness, you’ll be asked excellent questions to get you aligned with your inner self, you’ll learn the importance of writing down things you’re grateful for, track your energy level at the beginning of the day and your mood at the end of the day, and much more. Some feedback we have received by users- “The Daily Playbook has literally changed my life! I am more focused and clear about what will make each day a good day.””I never knew how fun and easy it could be to set goals. Also I never knew the deep satisfaction I would feel in achieving them until I got the Playbook. Now I sleep a lot easier knowing I acomplished some great things and took some time to check in with myself.””I have never had confidence like I do today! I finished my first 90 days and after I thought I could just wing it again like I had the past 25 years of my life. Nope! I was wrong, I slid back into my old ways and the days passed without the achieving the accomplishments I was so used to getting with the planner. I ordered it again and started it back up and I am about halfway through my second copy. I cannot recommend this book enough!!!””This book will start to change your life from day 1! I have bought other journals before and planners and while this one is a bit lightweight and flimsy (like an actual notepad or playbook) it is worth every penny. The approach is equal parts logical and creative and is also inspiring with a good daily quote and questions and actions section that gets you thinking and inspires you to put yourself out there more. I love this book. Thank you Kaden James!””This book has helped me focus on what matters each day without getting overwhelmed by the big goals we set for ourselves years in the future.””The only planner you need. Seriously, with so many out there it’s hard to choose which one to buy- let me make it easy, THIS IS THE ONE. I love it so much and it shows. Mine is already getting worn out and that’s what makes it beautiful to me, it’s actually being used.” “I gave this Daily Playbook as a gift. I have a friend who has been struggling with feeling depressed and not knowing what he wanted to do with his life. He started using it and said it really helped him. He even convinced me to buy one and I have to say noticing and tracking my quiet time and getting myself in a state of joy has really helped me as well.” “This book helped me get my life on track after a very difficult situation.”