The Burden of Darkness by Barry Finlay

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  • Publisher:?Keep On Climbing Publishing (May 22, 2020)
  • Publication Date:?May 22, 2020
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Nathan Harris is in the fight of his life.

Tormented by flashbacks, it?s all the former FBI Agent can do to get through a day, let alone focus on his marriage to Marcie Kane. Counseling helps but is it enough to help him regain some semblance of normalcy? After already losing so much, he desperately needs a win. What he doesn?t need is a sadistic monster targeting innocent people, including someone close to him.

Owen Strand has nothing to lose.

Handed a death sentence by his physician, sued by his partner and fired from his job, he?s spiraling out of control and out for blood. Armed with a list of everyone who has ever wronged him, he travels around North America, picking off his enemies one by one.

Nathan and Owen are on opposite sides of a bridge in the most significant battles of their lives. Only one can emerge successful, but both stand to lose far more than they may have to give.

The Burden of Darkness?is written by one of the Authors Show’s “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” list in 2012 and the winner of multiple literary awards.

Barry Finlay?writes from inside the mindset of his readers.”

“There is a?fluidity to the language?that will mesmerize readers.”

“He has created beautifully developed characters, detailed their relationships and created such a mystery,?I struggled to put this book down.”

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