The Broken Circle by Barbara Schlichting

  • Paperback:?282 pages
  • Publisher:?First Lady Press (July 15, 2019)
  • Language:?English


This novel is about three childhood friends who graduated in 1970 reunite at a former friends funeral. During the funeral, they realize that a former friend who’d been abducted during their prom was never located. The family needs closure.

Nancy fell in love with a man who was sent to Vietnam. They became engaged but he broke the engagement once he completed his tour of duty. Nancy never understood the reason behind the breakup. She eventually married but the marriage didn’t last long. Mike was her fiance’s name and favorite brother to Sharon.

Sharon, a minister was never able to accept the death of her brother, Mike, and few people knew of her sexual preference.

Judy, an alcoholic and drug abuser, became a Doctor of German studies and lives in Madison. Something happened to her at a party after graduation. She’s held onto this secret all these years which caused her marriage to fall about.

This is a novel about life, love, forgiveness, and redemption.