The Awakening of Magic: Book One of the Wereding Chronicles by Christian Boustead

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The Awakening of Magic: Book One of the Wereding Chronicles by Christian Boustead

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What is the magic changing her into?

After losing her mother as a child, Rose has been raised as a human without useful magic. While in pursuit of her father’s murderer she slips through a portal and is transported to the Wereding woods.

Plunged into a world of magic, dragons, werewolves, elves and more, Rose is surprised to discover that she has magical blood and that her sister Robin is in grave danger.

Rose has no knowledge of her magic powers, and can not control them, but the magic breaks out of her when she is threatened and leaves changes to her body.

But what is the price of her magic? What is it changing her into?

Can she save her sister from the dark magic users before they turn Robin into one of their own? And as if that wasn’t enough for the young girl to manage, Rose will have to fight a dragon before she even starts her quest!

A treat for Game of Thrones fans. This is epic fantasy at its best!


The Awakening of Magic Book one of the Wereding Chronicles Review in The International Review of Books

When reading?The Awakening of Magic Book one of the Wereding Chronicles, you enter the world of Wereding Woods and get to know the characters. This book is well-written with great descriptions and well-developed characters helping bring the reader into this supernatural fantasy realm. This is a creative story with characters that perfectly fit into a magical world. You?ll find werewolves and a Goddess, Horned God and elf, even humans and trolls, dragons and more interesting creatures. Mostly you?ll find love, friendship, magic, and adventure. Rose enters a portal to a supernatural realm finding out she is magical and needs to learn the skill. All of this is a shock to her but going on a quest with mystical creatures she grew up knowing were evil is unbelievable to her, but to save her sister she must. An Amazing storyline of a fantastic journey, but I admit I sometimes I get lost in the lengthy sentences. It is also a plus as it gives a wealth of detail and information, but I often found the story getting slow because of it. Nevertheless, the overall story and great characters held my interest enough making me eager to find out what was going to happen next. I love that this was just the beginning of the series and I have more adventures to look forward to escaping to with these characters. Something special about this book I really enjoyed was the creative names throughout. Two main characters are Eloo and Kye. I have always found a name important, especially in a book. Other names are Kain, Robin, Lea and Lor. All are perfectly picked in this reader?s mind and shows another creative element. I enjoyed the mystic elements from the first page to the last. As it ends I look forward to learning what happens next and what befalls our characters. Boys and girls (though I recommend it for older such as young adult or perhaps middle-grade age groups), men and women alike will find something in this book to enjoy.

Character Development: 5 out of 5
Plot Development: 5 out of 5
Flow of Plot: 4 out of 5
Overall rating: 5 out of 5

A line in the book that stood out to the reviewer:

?At this, a murmur of concern rumbled its way through the massed beings. At the edge of the thrones? clearing, a tall man stood. Rose would have thought he was a normal man but for the fact that instead of hair, a large feathery crest stood high from his skull.’