The Abduction Chronicles by Thomas L. Hay

  • Paperback:?271 pages
  • Publisher:?CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 7, 2017)
  • Language:?English


WHO ARE THE ABDUCTORS AND WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? A curious chronicle based on some true mysterious and compelling life events of the author who experienced some unusual phenomenon in his life. His ex-wife claimed they were abducted, on several occasions, by beings who were not of this world. He was unaware of them until he melted their instilled memory blocks. An intriguing adventure packed with action, drama, mystery, romance, comedy, and a few exhilarating plot twists that will surely knock your socks off. Join ‘The Comeback Kid’ on his journey as he unlocks the secrets behind his abductions and comes face to face with his abductors. AWARDED THE PIPS BOOK QUALITY AWARD. THE ABDUCTION CHRONICLES is an abridged version of two books, An Abduction Revelation and its sequel, Abduction Revelation II.