Terror Unfolding: Runaway by Dolores Christian

  • Paperback:?231 pages
  • Publisher:?Dolores Christian (January 31, 2019)
  • Language:?English



Travel the treacherous waters as a beautiful young runaway falls into the grip of human traffickers. Suspense and unexpected true romance create tension and tenderness in Terror Unfolding-Runaway. A poignant story with a surprising ending. An abused young Genoese girl runs away from home thinking this will bring about her freedom. But her journey ends in the arms of a notorious criminal with no chance to escape. The danger escalates when her plans to break away from this master deceiver are revealed. It happened that during the darkest time of her life Pearl met an American young man who promised to break her chains, but after three attempts he realized this rescue was impossible. When the opportunity to escape finally came, Pearl?s predator was watching and followed, but his fate was about to take a turn. Author?s Comment: Human Trade is no respecter of people, they target children as young as twelve years of age. Learn about the vicious activities of this organization. Teach your children to navigate the treacherous waters in challenging times. Protect your children at all times.