Soul Forge by Richard H. Stephens

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An epic story of a forgotten hero.

Haunted by the murder of his family and scorned by an ungrateful kingdom that blames him for the demise of their beloved Queen, Silurian Mintaka decides he can’t fight for his king anymore. To re-enter the hostile fray of his peers would probably end up with him killing them all.

An old man reaches through his darkness, convincing him the people’s need outweighs his loathing of them.

Befriending a group of eccentric characters along the way, Silurian faces a whirlwind of drastic choices, that once made, may lead to the deaths of those he is entrusted to protect.

Embarking upon the greatest journey of their lives, they travel the uncharted waters of the Niad Ocean; not across, but beneath, on a fool’s errand to recover the lost enchantment of his fabled blade.