Solar Storm by Rob Lopez

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  • Publication date 😕July 22, 2017
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The biggest solar flare since the 1859 Carrington Event is about to bring the world to its knees.

When a huge plasma ejection from the sun hits the Earth?s atmosphere, the resulting EMP pulse fries electricity grids and disables fragile electronics. Transmission wires melt, transformers explode and modern vehicles cease working. In less than a minute, the world is taken back two centuries.

Lauren Nolan is attending a seminar in New York when the blackout hits and the transportation system grinds to a halt. Trapped in the panic that envelops the metropolis, Ellen worries for her children, five hundred miles away in North Carolina. Unable to get word to them, she faces a harrowing journey on her own.

Sergeant Rick Nolan is overseas on a covert ops mission against terrorists. When the solar storm wipes out his communications and his air cover, he and his team find themselves on the same level as the enemy that surrounds them. Caught in a desperate fight for survival, Rick thinks about his family. How is he going to make it back alive?

Trapped in their hometown of Charlotte, the two Nolan children witness society?s terrifying collapse as water pumps fail, food runs short and the law ceases to exist. Frightened and bewildered, they wonder if they?ll ever see their parents again.

Solar Storm?is Book 1 of an EMP, post-apocalyptic series about family survival and the challenges entailed. Contains moderate language and graphic action scenes.