SHARED INNOCENCE by Steve Bradshaw

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  • Publication Date:?June 20, 2020
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SHARED INNOCENCE: On a hot summer night in Tampa, Florida, ten-year-old Jack Burcher witnesses his mother’s abduction. No one listens to him, not even the police. The next night Jack returns to his nest in the field of wildflowers by his house. This time Jack watches the sinister visitor place a box at the estate gates. Only his mother’s heart is returned to the family. Thirty-three years pass with no answers. Then Jack?s ailing father is taken from his bed at a high-security sanitorium. The next night Jack hears a familiar sound at the gates of the Burcher estate. He watches someone place another box in the same place where his mother’s box was placed. Jack holds his father’s brain in his trembling hands. But this time is very different. This time it is Dr. Jack Burcher and he is the Chief Medical Examiner of Hillsborough County. The FBI knows they are hunting the worst kind of serial killer–a multigenerational monster. The FBI must now investigate three generations of Burcher family deaths disguised to be anything but a homicide. They must find where the kill-trail begins. And the FBI now must talk to their only eyewitness, the ten-year-old boy with suppressed fears and pent-up rage. Time is running out as SHARED INNOCENCE shines a light in a very dark place. And the Medical Examiner is now in the killer?s sights.