Secrets on Wenshen


A distress call changes everything.

The ship Dewey’s platoon is on responds to the signal. They jump to another solar system A supposedly unoccupied system. There they find a smuggler’s ship. All its systems are failing. Fortunately, the Hospitallers have arrived in time.

But they are not alone.

Now, under attack, their jump drive broken, the Hospitallers are in trouble and running out of options. There’s a planet, Wenshen, in the system. But, as Dewey knows, Wenshen isn’t just unoccupied, it’s acidic atmosphere makes it inhospitable to humans.

Their choices are few.

They can stay in space, and die. Or, they can land on Wenshen and die there. But if anyone can find a solution to impending death, it’s the Hospitaller Orphan Corps.

Suit up. Strap in. It’s going to be a wild ride.