Secrets of Willow Springs: Book 1 by Tracy Fredrychowski

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  • Publication Date 😕June 4, 2020
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  • Publisher 😕The Tracer Group, LLC; 2nd Edition (June 4, 2020)
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Secrets of Willow Springs: Book 1 by Tracy Fredrychowski

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Secrets from the past come to light in this Amish Fiction Book.

When an English family?s dark secrets collide with the Amish, sweet and innocent Emma Byler is caught in the middle of two worlds.

For sixteen years, Jacob Byler kept his daughter Emma sheltered and protected in their Amish community. When a secret becomes too much for him to bear, it drives a wedge in their relationship and threatens to change Emma?s life forever.
When an unexpected relationship with Daniel Miller comes to light, will he be able to remind Emma of her faith and help her deal with the lies that surround her birth?

Will the secret change her life forever, and will she be able to forgive as God instructs her to do?

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Emma felt protected in the corner of the porch where she couldn?t be seen. Across the yard, she spotted her bruder again. Matthew was five years older and took care of the farm, while her datt tended to the furniture shop. Matthew kept to himself, and the only friend she knew he had was Daniel Miller from the feed store. She had been sure Sarah Mast would end up being her sister-in-law, but she moved to Ohio suddenly last year. Matthew never mentioned her name and spent most of his days in the barn with his calves.

As she continued to enjoy her solitude, she heard the clip-clop announcing her schwester?s wagon as it turned down the long driveway.

Her datt?s mood was getting worse, and she noticed the change in him every time she entered the room. Just yesterday, she asked her mamm again if he was upset with her about something, and her mamm just assured her she was just imagining it.
Lately, she sensed she frustrated her datt to no end. She often felt him glare at her, always followed by him rubbing his hand along the scar that lined his face from his temple to his chin. She wished she understood his sudden reaction to her, and she vowed to stay out of his way the best she could. She had to believe the scar on his face had something to do with it, but lately, no one could break through his icy, cold stare but her sweet mamm. Years ago, she tried to get them to explain the scar, but they told her it was doings of the past and nothing would be gained by talking about it.

As Emma rocked in her favorite chair, she suddenly remembered the strawberry flower Samuel Yoder had picked and quietly passed to her without a word yesterday. Him on one side of the row, and her on the other, their fingers often brushed as they reached to pick the ripest berry. On one of her last reaches, he slipped the little white flower into the palm of her hand. When she looked up, he acted like he had done nothing out of the ordinary.

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Can secrets be revealed in this Amish fiction book by Amish Author, Tracy Fredrychowksi