Samantha's Journey Part 1 by Peter Rendell

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Five steel rings were blessed by Gaia; the blessings were knowledge and magic-essence. Three were seen at the Magic Castle, in Hollywood in July 1986; Merlin, David Bald-Eagle and Zed were the custodians. Only they knew that two rings were missing.Twelve medallions were created by Merlin during the Spanish Inquisition; Magic-essence in the medallion protected the messenger between Merlin and the Cardinal of Madrid. Disguised as Saint Christopher medals, each medal held the emblems of a Pantheon God.On the fourth of January 2010, Samantha Smith was getting ready to go to work. She kissed her St Christopher, as was her ritual since she was ten years old; she turned it over and kissed the Owl and helmet of Athena.The medallion was given to Samantha by her priest when she was confirmed into the Roman Catholic faith. Someday, Samantha would seek out her priest to talk about it, but she feared the confessional.Samantha met Teddy at lunch and again at the Barn BnB. At Merlin’s invitation, they watched his show at the Star nightclub. With great flamboyance, Merlin changed a dove into a baby within his assistant Angel’s womb. Merlin advanced the pregnancy to six months. Angel was encouraged to walk the floor. At the end of the evening, Angel’s pregnancy was reversed, and the dove released.The whole performance had bugged Samantha’s next working day. After an early evening meal, Samantha went to the lounge and was surprised to find Angel waiting for her. Samantha asked Angel how the trick was done. “It was real-magic; I was really pregnant!” Angel exclaimed as she presented Samantha with a ticket. “I can’t go tonight. Please volunteer.”Angel watched closely as Samantha subconsciously played with the medallion on her necklace. Angel noted the symbols on each side of the medallion. For a few moments, Angel was distracted in thought ‘where have I seen those symbols before?’ And then she refocused.“Merlin asked me to give you this ticket. He would like you to volunteer again. Last night was the last of my contract as his assistant. He will be appointing a new one tonight.”“Well, it won’t be me. I am already committed. What will I have to do tonight?”“I don’t know, but, lighten up. Real magic exists. It is a lot of fun.”As Angel left the Barn, she pulled out her mobile phone.“Merlin, Eve’s real name is Samantha Smith. She has the medallion of Athena. You must test her. She has the aura of a magic-user.”***Samantha arrived at the Star at 10.30 and met Merlin in the Foyer.“Good evening Samantha. I am so glad you could come.”“Good evening Merlin.”“I have set the stage for the illusion. The show will be recorded for my benefit and will be shown on the big screens. Will you help me again?”“Ok. I will try to ignore the cameras; it shouldn’t be too difficult.”Samantha needed a couple of drinks before the show started. The act began when a male student stepped into the spotlight; a large fluorescent hoop floated into view above the male; a translucent curtain dropped from the ring, and a backlight showed the male in silhouette. There was a great hush as the outline changed from male to female. The ring and curtain dropped to the floor, revealing the burlesque figure of an excited young woman. Merlin called her ‘Fey’.Merlin asked Samantha to verify that Fey was ‘all woman’. Samantha stepped forward to do a customs style body search.“Come on, don’t be shy” Fey goaded Samantha.Samantha completed her task and went to the bar to bury her embarrassment. She was fighting to maintain sanity. It just wasn’t possible to change a man into a woman. Was it? She couldn’t believe what she had seen. It didn’t matter to the audience; all they had seen was a silhouette and would assume it was a manipulated image. They would think it was a substitution illusion. But Samantha had seen the change in continuous detail. It could only be Real Magic.