Ryan's Wish by Savanna Esker

  • Paperback:?114 pages
  • Publisher:?Newman Springs Publishing, Inc. (May 7, 2018)
  • Language:?English



There are many stories about genies, with their three-wish policy and their limited powers. What if there was another more sinister creature? One that could give you any wish you want with no limit? For a cost, would you make the deal?

Ryan’s life changes one day when he meets a strange man named Winguard. After sealing a deal with Winguard, Ryan finds his every wish come true.

Jason, meanwhile, learns that Ryan has been put into a coma and is in danger. Jason sets out to find answers, only to learn that a family secret may be the only way to save Ryan.

While Ryan discovers he has no limit to his wishes, he cannot take one particular wish back and begins to pine for what he lost. Jason learns that he is a hunter, and his family hunts only one creature, the Djinn.

Can Jason save Ryan? Will Ryan gain back what he has lost?