ROSEHIP: A VERY CURIOUS FAIRY by Persephone Vandegrift

  • Series:?THE VERY FAIRY SERIES (Book 1)
  • Paperback:?43 pages
  • Publisher:?Pomegranate Seeds (August 23, 2019)
  • Language:?English


ROSEHIP: A VERY CURIOUS FAIRY is the 1st book in THE VERY FAIRY SERIES, a vibrant, magical, humorous, and whimsical illustrated series with coloring pages dedicated to fairy fans and fairy tale lovers of all ages! In THE VERY FAIRY SERIES, each fairy has their own fairy responsibility and a ‘very’ fairy way of carrying (or not carrying) them out. Some are very particular, some are very lost, some are very impatient, and some are very curious, like ROSEHIP…In ROSEHIP: A VERY CURIOUS FAIRY, Rosehip is in charge of taking care of all the rose hips but is lately finding her job a bit…boring. But today is the day Rosehip finds out just how important her job is when she meets a little girl who needs her help! Follow Rosehip’s (mis) adventures as she learns an invaluable lesson in friendship and teamwork. The coloring pages included will allow you to bring your own color to Rosehip’s world! Perfect for a bedtime story or an anytime story! Reading level: Ages 4 + The Very Fairy Series was created by multi award-winning screenwriter and author, Persephone Vandegrift, with colorful, whimsical illustrations by award-winning illustrator, Kristijan Vostner. You are very fairy bound to fall in love with each book in the series! Follow The Very Fairy Series on Twitter @TheVeryFairySeries and on Facebook @VeryFairySeries