Roland's Path: (Book I of the Heirs of Vanity Series) by R.J. Hanson

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Roland's Path: (Book I of the Heirs of Vanity Series) by R.J. Hanson

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When two servants of evil escape during young Roland?s watch, he is driven by his own shame and vanity to take up his axes and track them down himself. Raised on the rural edges of Gallhallad, can he survive the dangers and complexity of the road ahead?

With the help of his lifelong friend Eldryn, the Cavalier hopeful, and an uneasy bargain with a dagger wielding cutpurse, Roland pursues a wizard of unknown powers and a woman of uncommon beauty and skill.

Will Roland?s vanity not only doom him, but a kingdom he hoped to one day serve as well?

In Roland?s world of Stratvs, vanity has a high price. A price paid with the blood of the innocent and the guilty. Around him, swords once pledged to justice rust on the altars of the self-righteous.

?Hanson?s very visceral writing style captures the breathtaking excitement, terror, and wonder of fantasy adventure?? ? Jon Black (award-winning author of the novel Bel Nemeton)

?I recommend this book to anyone looking to get lost in an epic adventure of a boy becoming a man while dearly trying to hold on to the lessons and morals handed down to him?? -A. Poole