Ready Eager And Prepared Every Recall by Mike Fulbright

  • Paperback:?206 pages
  • Publisher:? (December 16, 2016)
  • Language:?English


Ready Eager And Prepared Every Recall by Mike Fulbright

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War with North Korea and the U.S. is inevitable but, the question of when still remains to be answered. But, there are those who don’t believe it, including Captain Beckman, the unqualified, disillusioned, crippled to high for crutches, Commander of Rebel Station, a communications site established on a hilltop 50 miles south of the DMZ. A new Sergeant, Anderson, arrives from stateside and immediately has his hands full trying to convince the inexperienced Captain that his unbelief will lead to the death of everyone on that hill, but, to no avail. The men of the “Reapers,” will be faced with a life and death struggle with life being the choice. But, will they survive? Will the defiant Anderson be able to prepare his men in time, or will they become the next group of members to enter the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier?