Read to Succeed by Stan Skrabut

  • Paperback:?265 pages
  • Publisher:?Red Scorpion Press (December 10, 2018)
  • Language:?English


In?Read to Succeed?learn that there are countless benefits to reading including idea generation, longevity, and increased mental functions among many others. Developing a reading habit that will open you up to new ideas is easy to start and by reading this book,?you will learn how to develop a reading habit that will last.

The book recounts the reading habits of our Founding Fathers. In addition, it shares the reading plans of well-known successful business leaders such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Oprah Winfrey. These pillars of our society all have similar reading habits. This book uses their strategies to help anyone become a more effective reader. Further, this book lays out realistic ideas on how to incorporate reading into your personal game plan to succeed and accomplish your goals.?Whether you are a beginning college student or already on your way to success in the professional world, this book has something for you to hasten your path.

Highlights of What You Will Learn


  • Benefits of Reading
  • How to Improve Reading Skill
  • How to Take Proper Reading Notes
  • Tips for Building a Powerful Personal Library
  • The Optimum Way to Share What you Learn
  • And Much More!



?Take a passion for books, season it with admiration for the way reading has shaped our nation, simmer with practical ways to become a better reader, and feast on a library sized diet that can bring wealth, intellect, entertainment, and happiness. Reading does that, and Stan Skrabut points out how.??Dale G. Yerpe,?English Professor, Jamestown Community College

“Reading is more than just a pastime, it is the secret to success. This is the idea that educator and avid reader Stan Skrabut explores in his book Read to Succeed. Besides describing his own personal love of reading, Stan looks to the past revealing that successful people valued reading as more than just a way of passing the time. Indeed, as anyone who dives into this book, will learn, there are lessons to be learned from every book, and thus making time to read is a necessity, even in today?s media-driven world.In?Read to Succeed, Stan Skrabut does more than just describe his own personal love of reading.

He dives into the past, examining how successful people read and detailing the reading lives of an array of American leaders including Benjamin Franklin, Barack Obama, and George S. Patton. He also takes on the complaint, ‘I don?t have time to read’ by exploring ways to navigate life schedules and methods of approaching the written word including eBook readers and audiobooks. A must-read for book lovers, but more importantly, for those of us who need to convince the rest of the world to become fellow book lovers!” -?Karen J. Weyant,?Associate Professor of English Jamestown Community College

Develop a reading habit now that will put you on the path to lifelong success!