Rape of the Aegean by Philip Cooper

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Unknown to the Greek government, an army coup sponsored by an offshoot of MI6 called Lighthouse, is being organised to take place during the ?Ochi? day parade in Athens on the 28th October. The CIA through their Balkan?s Overlook Station are alerted to the fact that something is not right in Greece when they witness, via one of their spy satellites the murder of the Greek Finance Minister Christos Antonopoulos. Laura Foot Head of Operations at the station is conducting a clandestine affair with Arcady a Russian diplomate. At first she resists talking about her role in the CIA but eventually during their lovemaking she starts giving Arcady snippets of information.
Ariadne who is the Lighthouse liaison with Kostas Triandafilos the leader of the planned army coup, has a son Alex who is being blackmailed by the Greek Prime Minister Themis Xenakis into becoming Finance Minister following the murder of Christos Antonopoulos. He reluctantly agrees to announce to the world at the Bilderberg meeting the unholy alliance between Russia, Germany and Greece. Unbeknown to Xenakis, Alex is a CIA sleeper and his appointment immediately activates his status to CIA operative. He is assigned a keeper, the beautiful former East German double agent Gitta Lehrer.
Gregory Mitchell second in command at Lighthouse persuades his boss that after the coup none of the protagonists should be left alive as a precaution against them pointing the finger at Lighthouse. He travels to Greece where he assassinates Ariadne by pushing her off a rocky escarpment before assassinating Kostas Triandafilos? best friend Michalis who was watching Kostas? back.
Meanwhile, Xenakis is setting in motion a couple of subordinate plans. He meets up in Thrace northern Greece with John Dexter the CEO of Black Hawke a mercenary organisation specialising in black ops. Dexter is hired to destroy the American gas pipeline which crosses northern Greece, leaving a new Russian pipeline as the only source of gas entering the European Union. Xenakis and partners devise a plan to trigger a huge Euro sell off with the intention making billions of dollars in profits.
Gitta and Alex travel to the Hotel Astir Palace on the Athens Riviera, where the Bilderberg meeting is taking place. The CIA pulls strings and Gitta is assigned as an extra precaution onto the detail guarding Alex.
Arcady meets up with Laura for the Final time.
Kostas meets up with his closest lieutenants in an Athens suburb to finalise details of the coup, scheduled for the next morning. They learn through a close ally Michelle Devereaux, a Mossad agent, that Gregory is a loose cannon.
Overlook becomes suspicious when they see that the Euro is taking a pummelling in the far east and on investigation discover that a triumvirate of banks is responsible. They draw up a plan with the help of several central banks to turn the tables.
On the eve of ?Ochi? day Alex still pretending to be working with Xenakis, announces the triumvirates plan to rape the Aegean Sea of its oil and gas assets, break up the European Union and leave NATO. Then later that evening, Alex breaks cover and teams up with the CIA?s Balkan Office in Langley, the beautiful Gitta, the Athens Station Chief Chris Horsman, and Michelle Devereaux a Mossad agent, in a battle to thwart Xenakis and prevent Europe plunging into economic darkness.