Quest to the Unknown by Mrs Annelies George

  • Series:?The Jessie Golden Earth Series (Book 1)
  • Paperback:?298 pages
  • Publisher:?BI Publishing; 2nd ed. edition (November 17, 2017)
  • Language:?English


Is Life on Earth about to be Changed? Read what could happen in Quest to the Unknown, part 1 in the Jessie Golden Earth Series! Dutch reporter Jessie Golden, an ordinary career woman, is completely unaware she has a special mission in life, relating to the existence of the human race on a completely changed planet. Her journey begins when she finds a folder full of information on a mysterious woman named Nancy and her son Paul, leading her to an unexpected quest. Soon thereafter Jessie is confronted with a series of unexplainable supernatural occurrences. She realizes there is no such thing as coincidence, although she can?t unravel the true meaning of her quest nor her link to Nancy and her son. At the same time, Jessie believes Carlos? father has ties with some questionable characters. Startled by a series of unexpected events she reaches out to Ed Turner, Carlos? right-hand man. In order to protect the one she truly loves, Jessie starts an investigation that points to the murky world of the mob. When a stranger is constantly following her, Jessie?s life is in serious danger. Can the ones she implicitly confides in, still be trusted? Is nothing that seems? The first part of the Jessie Golden Earth Series introduces the main characters of the saga in an intriguing story of exceptional mother love, the far-reaching consequences of choices in life, genuine feelings, blind faith and brutal deception, set in a multitude of countries in today?s fast-moving business world.